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Welcome to Applecatcher Films. We make creative programmes and films for both businesses and individuals. Headed up by Matt Jones BA (Hons) Television, Applecatcher Films offers a variety of Audio Visual Solutions within a continually changing and competitive market.

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If you are a video professional, freelancer, or newcomer and would like to find out about opportunities to work with Applecatcher Films, then please get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself.

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Latest videos

Applecatcher Films has recently completed a charity film shoot for the Royal Marines in Dunkeld which can now be viewed from the Showreel Gallery.

Applecatcher Films is now preparing for a film shoot in Bristol to document the centenary of The Pill Owls. The Pill Owls were formed in 1919 as our soldiers returned from the Western Front. A singing Group who tour the pubs, clubs community halls in the Bristol area every Christmas, the Pill Owls raise much needed funds for worthy charities.

Behind the Scenes documentary of The Wiggerly WormA short Behind the Scenes documentary of The Wiggerly Worm song
The Wiggerly Worm SongThe 2021 MY RODE REEL film entry.
Blue Badge Choir of LondonDuring VOVID-19 Lockdown, the London Blue Badge Choir created this selection of famous London tunes.
The Competition"The Competition" won the BFBS 2020 Forces Voices Film Competition which were announced on Wednesday 24th June 2020. A short story about a Labrador who enters the competition with good intentions.
Living in Isolation ON Lewis during COVID-19At the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Applecatcher Films took the opportunity to chat with two residents on tips of living in isolation.

Applecatcher Films
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X Watch and vote for our entry for My Rode Reel 2021 now!